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Hai - Spot on recommendation - Test

by Crossing Minds Inc

Want spot-on recommendations that are customized and curated just for you? Download the A.I. recommendations...

Want spot-on recommendations that are customized and curated just for you? Download the A.I. recommendations app that learns what you like so it can recommend new things that you’ll love. Get the Hai app now if you hate endless lists of irrelevant options and want to quickly discover a new and exciting world of highly personalized movies, TV, music, book, video games, and even restaurant recommendations. FEATURES *Hai makes recommendations just for you. * Hai learns your tastes and lifestyle preferences and then recommends new and relevant TV shows, movies, restaurants, books and more that it knows you’ll love. The more you use Hai, the more it knows what you’ll love. *Hai is beautifully designed with a simple UX.* Hai combines the most powerful A.I. for recommendations in the world of academia with a fully intuitive UX design and reinforced privacy—to create spot-on recommendations just for you. *Hai is platform agnostic.* Spotify, Netflix, HBO, Xbox, Hulu—Hai makes customized recommendations across all your favorite platforms and content providers. *Hai features group recommendations.* Tired of never knowing which movie to watch or which restaurant to eat at when you hang out with your friends? Tell them to get Hai, so you can combine everyone’s faves to get new recommendations that are customized for the entire group based on your collective likes. *Hai is designed around safety and security.* You can rely on Hai. It was specifically designed to provide you with unbiased recommendations that cater to your unique tastes and style. Privacy is the top priority, so you can be assured that none of your personal information will ever be shared with other parties. Feel free to write us a review if you love Hai! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us in-app or at Enjoy Hai!

5 Dec - 11 Dec

iOS 7.0 - 13.2

iPhone, iPad